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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Instagram Update

A quick update of the last few weeks boring events through my instagram photos(clearly because i'm too lazy to edit my camera photos yet...) Some of these will have more detailed posts later! (cough nails cough)

recently received my Nobis jacket! I'm ready for the cold weather Canada... ^-^
Yep I redid my nails after a week... Gel nails practice! with lots of glitter.
So If you've ever heard of omurice, you'll know its a kind of fried rice in japan. Omelette rice = Omu-rice! I have my own style of making it and i love it... *drool*

Sunday, December 9, 2012

November Gmarket Haul #1: 1$ Sale

So this is going to be a quick short haul(because i take too long to edit more photos >< !) There was a special happening during the month of November where ever week or so they had items special for 1$ (not including Shipping) for overseas buyers! There were about 4-6 different items depending on the week and this went on for all of November. I personally thought it was a great deal even with shipping to Canada so I bought two things that I liked in the first week! p.s. I also fixed my edited photo quality issues now! I forgot to set my resolution to 300 whenever I resized =-=" Please ignore the very bolded logo... :$

I received my package about 1 1/2 weeks after? I can't remember haha. But it was fast enough :)
(I actually had no idea they were part of Ebay now)