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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aloha Hawaii!

I thought i'd also share this video from my vacation to Hawaii in Dec 2011-Jan 2012!
Was done for an assignment at school but also so i'd remember the places i had been. Only thing missing is any footage from my surfing lesson in Kailua... and that was amazing! Sad i didn't have gopro or anything on me to film it! (even if my father endorses that company in Canada hahaha)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feelings of the Day

So instead of any kind of haul or review post I'm just going to be doing a little personal blogging tonight! I'll be going through some future plans (that MIGHT happen!), some music i've been listening to today (lots of electronic dance music, it puts me in a mood i can't explain) and just a little update on posts to expect.

I'm super excited about this because my parents totally approve of this plan, but I discovered a pretty awesome site that is legitimate (of course) that help set up internships in Australia! I've always wanted to visit there and my classes officially end April 8th + 2 exam weeks so it means I have from May till August to try and make use of!

It's a minimum of 3 months for interning and I was looking to PR, event management, online marketing or fashion because those are all fields related to communications. I like a job with more flexibility and isn't very slow paced or just boring cubicle like so having to get to work in a field with always changing jobs is very me! If it all works out I will definitely either be in 1. sydney 2. Gold Coast (because even though it is "winter" it is no where as cold as Canada I am DYING to go surfing!) 3. Brisbane or Melbourne I'm more interested in major cities but still close to the coast for surfing :) and being there 3 months definitely gives me lots of opportunities to pick up more surfing!

Really, who would NOT love to try surfing even once? (Maybe i'm just in love with sports that are thrilling)
Original here
Original here

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hautelook Order: Loafers!

This is a little late, but it was a small order I made with Hautelook. If you don't know what hautelook is, it's basically a site where more "prominent" recognized brands sell things for a good 30-70% discount. Depending on the company. There's lots of clothes, shoes and makeup. Some of the reoccurring brands recently are Orly(nail polishes), Crown Brush, Urban Decay. The deals aren't as great as the past when i first started purchasing but you can find very reasonable deals. They are also owned by Nordstrom now. (Many of the brands are the ones you find at Nordstrom as well)
Click here if you'd like to join
I only make purchases if the costs + shipping + taxes are worth it because there is a small extra fee for shipping to Canada. However usually that depends on what you're purchasing but it's minimal!

I bought a pair of leopard studded loafers: check them out down below!

Sally's Beauty Haul

To start off my blogging again (excuse my absence) A quick haul on the products i bought recently from Sally's Beauty Supply.

I bought: Color Brilliance by Ion in Dark Brown, Queen Helene's Mint Julep natural facial scrub, Salon Care 20 volume, Mystic divine Shampoo + oil treatment and an Ion Small Ceramic round boar bristle brush. The ORLY sweet peacock polish was free for a special  :) I will link everything below if you'd like to purchase them for yourself!