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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fashion Creative Photoshoot

Last week on Friday I helped out a friend with a shoot for her fashion creative at my house. I've just finished most of the photos I needed to have done so i'm going to put them up here for you all to see! I worked on the hair and edited the photo. The backdrop and lighting was from my house basement :) This was shot with my Canon Rebel XSi and with 530 Xii flash with a diffuser on. Later when i have time i'll get around to posting the behind the scenes photos as well!

Managed by: Christine W.
Make-up: Vivian Y.
Photographer: Samuel L. 
Hair: Natalie A. (me)
Editing: Natalie A. 

There are more pictures but i have yet to edit them so enjoy these for now :)

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