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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I feel terrible

For neglecting my blog so much this last month! But that's because i've been juggling multiple things at once (and honestly it makes my focus and my energy plummet downhill). I have one last exam tomorrow and then i'll be working the rest of the week :(! I honestly don't know how people can run a blog and work at the same time! The amount of time it takes me to edit photos (because i'm a perfectionist) and write a blog just takes up a good 2 hours at least.

I work till midnight and that leaves me little time to do any of these things: 1. get up earlier with an abundance of energy to write a blog 2. write a blog between the time i get home and go to sleep (showers and all that) 3. I still have other priorities while my father is on a business trip my mother leaves me 99% of the time to: drive my sister to classes, grocery shop, clean, cook dinner/lunch.

I know it's a lot of excuses and I still haven't had time (more so energy really) to edit the rest of my photos from the photoshoot! That'll be my next priority before I start backtracking to my other posts I planned to do.

I'll hopefully be able to make a post too about my trip coming up in May to NYC! I luckily got tickets to see B.A.P. on the Verizon APHAM: B.A.P. Live on EARTH tour. So i'll try to get some pictures and a summary of all the places i went to eat... Because I'm a foodie!

Hopefully this is my last post about delaying the rest of my upcoming blogposts -_-' and thanks to all 8 followers of my blog sticking around :)

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