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Monday, June 10, 2013

Stealing Credit?

So yes as usual i'm so bad at blogging and neglect my blog more often than not! I've been busy playing games after i finally quit my job. I felt a bit inspired to blog about this after some events that happened a couple days ago. If you've been following my blog over the last two months you will have seen my post about the photo shoot i did in assisting a friend. What i found two days ago was that the photos I uploaded on to dropbox for her to send to the modelling agency were all deleted two days after i uploaded the 9 other photos.

I find it upsetting that someone i took my time to help, would purposely delete pictures off of a folder that did not belong to them, and especially deny it after and barely credit me for the work I did for her. And yes luckily for me I have recovered the files and discovered she deleted all of them and confronted her, and she says it was her mistake. You can either delete each of the photos one by one or you will go out of your way to Ctrl/Command+A to delete them. If it was a mistake the whole folder would not be empty. It isn't that she forgot that is the problem it is the fact she did it with intent to remove all the photos. (rant--)

I also have to mention, not only did I edit her photos, I supplied the whole studio; in which she did not even ASK me first for what day I am free before booking her model, that is 1. unprofessional regardless of being acquaintances 2. rude because I have my own schedule as well and 3. inconsiderate. I happened to have work from 5PM - 12AM that same day and I had to wake up at 9AM for the shoot and rush through it and get ready before 4:30PM. I also do not get home until almost 1AM and getting ready for bed means I would not have slept until 2-3AM. Secondly I only stated I would be able to let her use my basement, NOT supply her with lights or a camera OR a photographer. In which she only was able to accomplish in getting a friend to shoot photos, and gets me to get her lights and use my DSLR. I'm sorry in the real world if you manage a shoot, someone else will NOT do all the work for you and gather all your tools, and they will also NOT freely accommodate to when you are available every single time.

The point is, I was neither credited for my work on her blog nor was i even officially at first written in as a member of the team having to add my own name after the shoot. Although I did supply most of the tools and did most of the final works of editing. That in itself is a horrible feeling and the breaking point was discovering all my work being deleted/erased by someone else without my permission. That is the equivalent of stealing someone else's artwork and claiming it for yourself and erasing traces of it belonging to them. It hit a nerve when she even asked if I needed the photos, of course I HAVE the photos I was the one who edited them all! I also have the PSD files saved with all my layers of work done.

Rant ending. I feel like i've been cheated out of the work I have done and the tipping point was to have to find out all my photos were deleted as well off my folder. I am now not going to finish editing the rest of the photos for her because the nerve of people having to bug me about work I optionally did, nor was i commissioned or even credited for pisses me off. I was doing her a favour and being friendly but I do not take kindly to those who not only lie to me but use me without a proper thanks or consideration of my well being do not deserve my help at all.

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