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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sally's Beauty Haul

To start off my blogging again (excuse my absence) A quick haul on the products i bought recently from Sally's Beauty Supply.

I bought: Color Brilliance by Ion in Dark Brown, Queen Helene's Mint Julep natural facial scrub, Salon Care 20 volume, Mystic divine Shampoo + oil treatment and an Ion Small Ceramic round boar bristle brush. The ORLY sweet peacock polish was free for a special  :) I will link everything below if you'd like to purchase them for yourself!

(I will make a more detailed post later on tips on dying hair yourself in achieving perfect coverage!) I dyed my faded hair a dark brown this weekend and now i already want to lighten it to a red brown again! :( or a chocolate brown, but Ion doesn't carry a colour chocolate enough for me. 
The shampoo was given to my sister(so i can't review this for you) but the oil is working wonderfully for me! 

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