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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feelings of the Day

So instead of any kind of haul or review post I'm just going to be doing a little personal blogging tonight! I'll be going through some future plans (that MIGHT happen!), some music i've been listening to today (lots of electronic dance music, it puts me in a mood i can't explain) and just a little update on posts to expect.

I'm super excited about this because my parents totally approve of this plan, but I discovered a pretty awesome site that is legitimate (of course) that help set up internships in Australia! I've always wanted to visit there and my classes officially end April 8th + 2 exam weeks so it means I have from May till August to try and make use of!

It's a minimum of 3 months for interning and I was looking to PR, event management, online marketing or fashion because those are all fields related to communications. I like a job with more flexibility and isn't very slow paced or just boring cubicle like so having to get to work in a field with always changing jobs is very me! If it all works out I will definitely either be in 1. sydney 2. Gold Coast (because even though it is "winter" it is no where as cold as Canada I am DYING to go surfing!) 3. Brisbane or Melbourne I'm more interested in major cities but still close to the coast for surfing :) and being there 3 months definitely gives me lots of opportunities to pick up more surfing!

Really, who would NOT love to try surfing even once? (Maybe i'm just in love with sports that are thrilling)
Original here
Original here

Hopefully it all works out and I can pay for it. Spending less money on a school (I mean Western University would be 20k a year I'm paying 7k at York + i get a scholarship!) means I get to use it towards more world travels! I do admit I'm a girl who is consumed by travelling, "wanderlust".
If any of my readers are also interested is the site I am talking about! No sponsored ad or anything, just something I found through facebook. 

Next is MUSIC! If anyone knows me, knows I adore music. But really who doesn't love listening to music? I'm open to all sorts of music but not everything is something I will listen to again if i'm not too in love with it. I love my Kpop but i also really enjoy electronic music and dubstep. Here's some songs i've been listening to today that just really mellows you out or gets you really pumped (like in a club)! 

It's in.... PLAYLISTTTT MODEEEEEE! so you can read or do other things while you listen! 

Lastly a little update on what might be coming in the future: 
when my skin heals better i may do some product reviews... but i recently completely scratched my eyelid and it's still bright red :( so you'll have to wait! I'll be finishing up some incomplete photo edits before I blog more but expect lots of hauls and clothes hauls (because I do too much of that) 
I may be starting a job soon too but i'll try to keep up with my posts... There is only one more month of school so I'm not too worried! 

Hope everyone somehow managed to read till the end! I look for feedback always so please leave comments. 
'till next time i'll be off to my second final essay of the year :)

OH! p.s. who else is super excited for Game of Thrones Season 3 to return? Because I am so ecstatic about it returning so soon! 

here's the trailer for you all :D 

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