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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Instagram Update

A quick update of the last few weeks boring events through my instagram photos(clearly because i'm too lazy to edit my camera photos yet...) Some of these will have more detailed posts later! (cough nails cough)

recently received my Nobis jacket! I'm ready for the cold weather Canada... ^-^
Yep I redid my nails after a week... Gel nails practice! with lots of glitter.
So If you've ever heard of omurice, you'll know its a kind of fried rice in japan. Omelette rice = Omu-rice! I have my own style of making it and i love it... *drool*

part of my GMARKET haul! but I was a bit disappointed with this hat, it came deformed and uneven. Whoever made my hat needs a bitch slap to get their shit together! Luckily I fixed it by sewing the insides of the hat so it's even now...
this gets its own post later! with HQ pictures... :) gel toenails~ like mermaid scales
this was the GMARKET haul I recently received :) so i'll update soon! it includes both my things and my friends in this photo
it was exam week for me lol....
set up for my pictures when my flash had no batteries :)

AND that's it for my instagram month update :) Hope you enjoyed!
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