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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I haven't posted in awhile

Because I have always found Tumblr to be overwhelmingly easier because It requires a whole lot less work in terms of running a blog and the interface allows me to basically reblog all day and gain followers with the same interests It was so hard to even come back to this blogspot blog. I started my own little separate blog on tumblr with more personally thoughts but to no avail would it ever gather serious interest. So today I'm going to be posting my first post i posted on that blog which i named "deucedly me" the life of a perspicacious girl. Big words I know. But interesting post for those interested perhaps ^-^

While deciding what to name my blog I thought about using my own name at first, but personally that felt kind of bland… flavourless and plain. So going on (I don’t know if that sounds lame or not) I decided to use the word of the day Deucedly. And might you ask what this word even means? You probably haven’t heard of it and I haven’t either till now… In gist it means insanely, devilishly, madly, deadly etc etc used in contextDeucedly Clever. Kind of defines where I currently see myself stand, and an interesting term to use over typical words we use daily.

Onto an actual topic I’ve been thinking about lately, (hopefully that little paragraph did not bore you too much) defining ourselves, our character, our personality and what it means to be called an individual. Before the person with friends, family, peers, what are we? I mean it’s quite obvious that we are ourselves and our own person but how much of that do we really show and how much of that do we choose to portray. Do we act and pretend or do we really take on and face who we are, what we want to be, where we want to go and just about anything else that we ourselves wish to be? I recently had a long conversation one night with a friend and how they struggle with being true to themselves, too stubborn to let go of things to do what they want and find happiness for themselves first.

I think this past half year I’ve truly discovered and learned to understand and define who I am. Not what people want me to be or what people think of me as, because things like that don’t really matter. I don’t act and put up a front to anyone and stay true to my feelings, regardless of things i tell or don’t tell to people. I really hate having to see people act and pretend their way through life because they don’t understand how much more people will come to appreciate them for who they are. You may gain new friends and you may lose some old ones but that just shows who will stay and who only stuck around for now. We lose focus of our goals because of all these obstacles and excuses we use “because my parents are against it” respect your parents but at the same time they should respect you, “because my friends may judge me for it” it is your choice(in which i hope is a good choice) but no one has a right to judge you before they have even tried to look at themselves, “because the person i love i may lose cause of this” aside from cheating your life choices should be respected and if its a mutual love it should be communicated to a mutual understanding. No matter how tough it is to get through to these people, at the end of the day it is your life and in the next 20 to 30 years you are going to be living it not the people around you. I felt like getting this idea across of how i have found learning about yourself first and your needs and goals is so important before anyone else’s goal for you.

It is true that if you can not love yourself, how can you love someone else? If you can not be happy on your own as an individual, how can you make someone else happy together? If you do not understand yourself the least bit, how can you even try to understand someone else?
Hopefully some of you have read this far and maybe this post will give you something to think about!

This is ramen from Japan while i visited last summer... c:

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